Artscapes: Pacific Symphony Concert Celebrates 100th Anniversary of ‘Rite of Spring’

Rife with powerful pagan imagery and a disruptive atonal dissonance, Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring was so shockingly avante-garde that it caused near riots when it first premiered in 1913 Paris as a ballet score for the equally edgy choreography of Vaslav Nijinsky, performed...

Artscapes: Artist Peter Max Meets Fans at Bluffs Gallery

By Daniella Walsh | Special to the NB Indy Pop culture icon. One of the most famous living artists. America’s illustrator. There really are not enough labels to affix to the art of Peter Max, so perhaps it’s just as well to dispense with them altogether. The only constants are...

Film Documents Green Day Music

By Justin Swanson | NB Indy The rock documentary film “¡Cuatro!” starts out in Newport Beach, the locale most people do not realize has become a retreat for the mega-famous pop punk group Green Day. Until recently, singer and guitar player Billie Joe Armstrong, originally hailing...

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A Reading List for Mom-Time

As I write this column, it is the last non-school night for our family. My newly minted high school freshman has completed registration, toured the campus, played in his first “real” football game, and will now officially begin his high school career. Did I mention that his...

‘Freeways to Flip-Flops’ a Gutsy Journey

Have you ever felt the expectations of the Southern California lifestyle pressing in on you? Does it ever seem like “keeping up with the Joneses” is driving you into the ground? Do you regret that family time is often supplanted by soccer practice and deadlines, and, well … just...

NPR’s Top 100 Teen Reads

We’ve all seen them – the lists circling around Facebook and the like challenging us to see how many of a certain thing we have experienced. The “Movie List Challenge,” the “Exotic (read disgusting) Food Challenge,” and the always fun “the BBC thinks you have only read 15...

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