Coastal Fashion

Coastal Fashion: Fall Fashion Shows

Pelican Hill Debuts “La Bella Moda” Fashion Show Series  The Resort at Pelican Hill has just announced a new six-week fashion show and Prosecco luncheon series called La Bella Moda that starts November 2 at the resort’s acclaimed Northern Italian restaurant, Andrea Ristorante....

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Rams Training Camp at UCI

The Los Angeles Rams is hosting their 2016 Training Camp at the University of California, Irvine, returning football to Orange County for the first time in over two decades. For more information, visit therams.com/ramscamp.html — All photos by Charles Weinberg ©

Comic Con Invades San Diego

San Diego Comic Con was a smashing success for the 150,000 guests who attended and the countless thousands who roamed the Gas Lamp District and Convention Center areas. Myriads of Cos Players (folks wearing the costume of their favorite heroes, villains  or comic book characters)...


Insights: A Prescription for Mental Health

How many miles did you run this week? Or maybe you practiced yoga, or took a walk on the beach. How important do you make your exercise?  Many of us tend to make exercise a priority in our lives, and even if we do not, we think about it and know the importance of it. Yet, how...

Insights: Our Intuitive Selves

Society readily accepts science as a way of saying something is absolute, true, or not true, but should we allow our intuition to have a voice as well? Even Albert Einstein said, “The only real valuable thing is intuition.” Those are pretty big words from one of the most famous...

Insights: Building Authentic Relationships

The best relationships assist in making us a better person, without the need to make us anyone else, except ourselves.  How do we help each other be better?  Before I answer that question, let me share with you a wonderful story.  About 17 years ago, twins were born, both...

Moments for Health

Moment for Health: The Gall of the Gallbladder

Wielding a frying pan, I was about to cook for Rocky, preparing two weeks of dog food all in one shot. What caught my attention was a nasty color of greenish black clinging to one of the chicken livers. At first I thought it was a rotten piece, but then realized I was viewing the...

Moment for Health: Hit and Run 5K

It was a perfectly fine morning last Saturday as I slowly opened my eyes to a new day. I lazily rolled over under the covers and was about to go for another quick snooze when I suddenly realized, yikes, it was 5k run day. More specifically, the Hit and Run 5K at the Great Park in...