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OUTTA HERE: ‘The Middle of Nevada? There’s Nothing There!’

“There’s nothing there!” That’s what most people say when we told them about our Wilderness Adventure into the interior of Nevada in winter. We began our journey with the bright lights and glitz of Las Vegas while attending the Consumer Electronics Show. Then the freedom of open...


Toshiba Classic at Newport Beach Country Club — All photos by Jim Collins
Posted On 04 Apr 2014


The Power of Living With Intention

So many of us are caught in what Steven Covey would call “the important/urgent” box of life (you know, doing the dishes, returning emails, cleaning out the garage), that we do not spend enough time making sure we are dong what is truly meaningful and purposeful in our lives...

Moments for Health

Out Cold

Everywhere in town, cold season beckons with sneezing and coughing disturbing our body’s equilibrium. Tissue held tightly in hand, we pounce on our nose to catch any particulates that might be dangling from the effects of the ineffable sneeze. Our body pronounces c-o-l-d with...

Flower Power

Flowers bring forth wonder and beauty to all our senses. Be it fields of lavender spread across a countryside or orange blossoms gathered in a tree, flowers boldly pronounce the existence of color, textures and fragrances. These beauty marks of plants are lovely miracles to...