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Safe Racing

I didn’t have the space available last week to finish my comments with regards to the most recent tragic events of three weekends ago. First, I will again say, and never tire of saying, how important safety is to all forms of boating. Without careful planning and proper...

Sailing Safety

It’s a sad day for sailboat racing everywhere. While it is not uncommon to hear about loss of life in the famous Sydney to Hobart sailboat race, it’s very uncommon to find out we locally have even one loss of life in a local sailboat race. Until this last year I cannot ever...


Waterfront: Newport Harbor is a Pit Stop for World Travelers

Around November of last year I started to notice the annual migration of yachts anchored in the Newport Harbor Turning Basin from all ports north including Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. These (mostly sailboats) visit our harbor on their way to the...

Cruising Newport Harbor

Recently our family took a short bay cruise on the west side of Newport Harbor. Once you pass under the Newport Boulevard bridge, a posted sign advises this is a “No Wake Zone.” This small bayfront area includes the perimeter of Newport Island and a small channel that ends...

Time to go Fishing

“It never rains in Southern California.” Really? During our recent Saturday rainstorm, we attended a large family and friend’s celebration of Mom’s 90th Birthday luncheon at sister Di’s and Ken’s ocean view home. Happy Birthday Mom! She was a huge force while growing up to get me...