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Off the Menu: Thanksgiving Dining in Newport Beach

By Christopher Trela & Catherine Del Casale Let someone else do the cooking—and the dishes—this Thanksgiving. Here’s a list of 10 Newport Beach restaurants that are serving Thanksgiving brunches and dinners to suit almost any budget. You can even order your holiday...

Off the Menu: Wine and Lobster for the Holidays

By Christopher Trela and Catherine Del Casale | NB Indy What’s the best wine to serve with Thanksgiving dinner? Many wine experts will simply say it’s whatever wine you like to drink, but matching wine with food can enhance the enjoyment of the meal. We decided to ask William...

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Off the Menu: Summer Menu at True Food Kitchen

True Food Kitchen in Fashion Island has added several summer dishes to its already popular menu, so naturally I felt it compelled to go try them. I brought along fellow NB Indy writer and calendar editor Laura Wise with me so we could try several dishes and compare notes. The new...

A Truly Tasty Two-Fer

“So many restaurants, so little time,” I recently lamented to Stasha.    “Agreed,” she returned. “I’m still amazed by the quality of restaurants in this area.”    “Great quality, great menus, great culinary events. We could probably write two columns every week and still not...

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