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Music With Your Meal

It’s impossible to ignore the grand piano in the Bayside Restaurant lounge, just as it’s impossible to ignore the musical masters that tinkle the ivories while diners enjoy dinner and a cocktail. Bayside is one of the few restaurants that offers live music most nights of the...

Tradition Lives

Tradition is a tremendous responsibility, especially in the restaurant world where dedicated diners frequent favorite culinary haunts for familiar palate-pleasing dishes. So when Chef Pascal Olhats closed his award-winning Tradition restaurant earlier this year after more than...

Tabel for Two


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Side Dish

A List for Easter Eaters

“Have you noticed that if you remove the ‘s’ from Easter, you get eater?” I asked Catherine, our editorial assistant. “Chris, only you could find a food reference like that,” replied Catherine, laughing. “But eating and Easter go together perfectly,” I reasoned. “Easter Brunch is...

Off the Menu Side Dish: Baseball and Lobsters

Cannery Restaurant Hits Grand Slam The World Series is almost over, but The Cannery Restaurant plans to continue baseball season into the New Year. In fact, the restaurant has hit a grand slam with its 15th annual Hot Stove League Dinner Series hosted by Cannery Seafood of the...

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