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Power of Prayer Works Across Faiths

“WWJD?”  A popular expression most of us are familiar with:  “What Would Jesus Do?”  But is this catchy phrase a fad, or a compass for life’s choices? And how important is it to pray for...
Posted On 31 Mar 2011

Driven to Share His Faith

The priceless collection of pristine cars arranged about the Marconi Auto Museum was obviously valuable and worth viewing, but it was the view into Barry Meguiar’s life that was the most valuable...

Stepping Out

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Fee Increase Looms Over Harbor Moorings

Ahoy! A very volatile and deep-rooted topic is floating around among boaters in Newport Harbor and especially among those who keep their boats on mooring cans in the harbor.  The issue is so significant that I have heard of some who have put off buying boats, even in this...

Zanes Brings Something for all to Center

  By Roger Bloom | NB Indy   Dan Zanes, who comes as close as anybody to fitting the description “modern troubadour,” will be at the Performing Arts Center for three family shows next weekend. Zanes plays an eclectic mix of music that is often based on folk or roots...

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