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Power of Prayer Works Across Faiths

“WWJD?”  A popular expression most of us are familiar with:  “What Would Jesus Do?”  But is this catchy phrase a fad, or a compass for life’s choices? And how important is it to pray for...
Posted On 31 Mar 2011

Driven to Share His Faith

The priceless collection of pristine cars arranged about the Marconi Auto Museum was obviously valuable and worth viewing, but it was the view into Barry Meguiar’s life that was the most valuable...

Hoag Hospital’s Excellence in Sustainability

My wife and I have two healthy and happy Hoag babies. We, and so many others, have an intimate understanding of how Hoag Hospital has delivered wonderful health care to so many in our community....

Stepping Out

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Germany comes to Newport

  You don’t need to be German to celebrate Oktoberfest – you just need to enjoy German food and beer. And because this year marks the 200th anniversary of Oktoberfest, many local restaurants have jumped on the beer-barrel bandwagon. In Germany, Oktoberfest...

St.Clair Still Looking Forward

  By Roger Bloom | NB Indy   Anyone who has seen a Pacific Symphony Orchestra concert in the past 20 years knows the passion and energy music director Carl St.Clair brings to his job. St.Clair’s animated conducting – moving with the music, leaning into his orchestra to...

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