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Symphony Plans Noteworthy Promotion

Pacific Symphony wants to know: “OC Can You Play?” – and if you can, they have some pianos for you. Approximately 20 pianos are about to turn up in public spaces throughout the county – Sunday, Jan. 16 to Sunday, Feb.  – with...

History Writ in Frosting

We have the Greeks to thanks for almost every aspect of our lives to some degree.  Democracy, the Olympics, the alphabet, architecture, mathematics, poetry, and philosophy are all products of the classical period of Greece. Add birthday cake to...

Decorating With Murphy

So this last weekend, we finally got up the muster and crawled to the rafters to pull out the holiday decorating gear, including the faux, 2,000-pound, pre-strung Christmas tree.  In theory, this lovely tree is supposed to save time and energy...




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Find Your Lost Shaker of Salt at Lobsterfest

We happened to be in Catalina a few months ago while lobster season was still on, so apropos of the time of the year, we pulled out our lobster trap, filled the little bait cage with succulent, freshly sliced-and-diced mackerel, and dropped it off the stern at sunset to see if we might catch...
Posted On 08 Jul 2011

Young Jewelry Designer Creates Art with Antiques

Caitlin Whelan has always had a love for all things artistic, organic and antique. She turned her passions into a business a few years ago when she started Little Relics, a Newport Beach based antique jewelry line of recycled, repurposed and hand-made pieces. All the pieces are one of a kind...
Posted On 08 Jul 2011

Happy Hoofers

The Happy Hoofers tap dancers may physically be between the ages of 67 and 88, but they all have the enthusiasm and talent- not to mention the legs- of a 20-year-old. “Just because you’re old, doesn’t mean you’re too old to dance,” said tapper Loretta Baker, 84, of Newport Beach. “Everybody has...
Posted On 08 Jul 2011

Stepping Out

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From Wicked Green to Delicious Red

Don’t tell anyone, but I’d never seen “Wicked.” I know, I know. Chris had experienced it four times, and lectured me constantly about going. However, this deprived novice actually committed every single Ozian song to memory three years ago, when she auditioned for Elphaba in the...

Childhelp Show and Luncheon Raises $151K

When I arrived at The Island Hotel last Monday along with 350 other guests to attend the Orange County Chapter of Childhelp’s 25th annual fashion show and luncheon, aptly entitled “For The Love of a Child,” I didn’t realize was a treat I was about to experience. The event,...
Posted On 18 Mar 2011

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