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Fish Story: The One That Didn’t Get Away

  By Brian Lichterman | NB Indy   Last week, Newport Beach residents Randall Hause (age 17), Daniel Segerblom (age 15), and Sean Segerblom (age 12) had a fishing experience that will last them a lifetime. The three boys wrestled with...

Curfew Violators Targeted to Combat Thefts

By Sara Hall | NB Indy   Police cracked down on juvenile curfew violators recently, in response to an increase in theft  and related crimes committed by minors during the late-night hours. Newport Beach police officers caught 14 juvenile...
Posted On 27 Aug 2010

Summer’s Passing

  When I was a kid, my favorite day of the year, after Christmas and my birthday for the obvious reasons, was the day we got out of school for the summer. I grew up in a small town in northern California named Pleasanton. Back then we had...




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Hoag Hospital’s Excellence in Sustainability

My wife and I have two healthy and happy Hoag babies. We, and so many others, have an intimate understanding of how Hoag Hospital has delivered wonderful health care to so many in our community. Are you comforted to know that Hoag is applying that same process of excellence to care and...

Sage Hill Celebrates Diversity

Food, music and dance from all over the world gathered in Newport Beach on Saturday in celebration of diversity. The 10th Annual Multicultural Fair was held in the Wilkins Town Square at Sage Hill School in Newport Coast. “We celebrate diversity at Sage Hill on a daily basis with our student...
Posted On 27 Mar 2011

The Gift of Literacy

Judi Treble was born and raised in this country, yet as an adult was considered illiterate. She went to 13 schools in 12 years. Her mother was single and struggled with illness. She was never given the support or guidance necessary to gain the education she needed.  By definition, Judi Treble...

Stepping Out

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Fee Increase Looms Over Harbor Moorings

Ahoy! A very volatile and deep-rooted topic is floating around among boaters in Newport Harbor and especially among those who keep their boats on mooring cans in the harbor.  The issue is so significant that I have heard of some who have put off buying boats, even in this...

Zanes Brings Something for all to Center

  By Roger Bloom | NB Indy   Dan Zanes, who comes as close as anybody to fitting the description “modern troubadour,” will be at the Performing Arts Center for three family shows next weekend. Zanes plays an eclectic mix of music that is often based on folk or roots...

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