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Putting the Arts on Your Plate

  By Lynn Selich | Society Editor   A few months ago, Gov. Schwartzenegger appointed my cousin Terry Lenihan, who is associate professor in charge of directing the art education program at Loyola Marymount University, to the California Arts Council.  Ever since then, Terry has been...

Secrets Revealed and Healed

  Veronica Wright, wife of 23 years, mother of four, accomplished speaker and a leader in women’s ministry, was hit hard when a financial crisis sent her marriage spiraling. The perfect life she had so masterfully created in her adulthood was unraveling and the stress was unmanageable. “I...

Women of the Wells

  When I heard Kathy Daniels tell the story of Women of the Wells, I heard the refrain from an old song “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” play over and over in the back of my mind. Only in this case, the trek is the many miles many people walk every single day just to get water, which they then...

Stepping Out

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