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Old Glory Boat Parade

Celebrate America’s independence Newport-style with the Old Glory Boat Parade that starts at 1 p.m. off Collins Island. Sponsored by the American Legion, Nearly three dozen decorated boats try to outshine each other as they cruise the harbor and...

Council Appoints 11 People to Boards, Commissions

City Council appointed 11 people to the several city’s boards and commissions on Tuesday. Among the appointments were new members to the Harbor, Planning and Parks, Beaches & Recreation commissions. “The pool of applicants is getting...
Posted On 26 Jun 2014

Balboa Village Theatre Forms New Board

Last November, the Balboa Performing Arts Theatre Foundation, the nonprofit organization guiding the rebirth of the historic Balboa Village Theatre, voted to dissolve the board, except for the Chairman of the Board Dr. Donald Hecht. The board...




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On Faith: A New Church in Town has Unique Viewpoint

There is a new church in town, and it’s led by a unique team, meets at a unique time, is at a unique location and has a unique personality. Eighty people attended Viewpoint Church for its two preview services on Sunday afternoons at the old Newport Beach City Hall, and they are excited about...

Campus: ’15 Minutes’ Program Exposes DUI Consequences to CdM Students

The grim reaper visited Corona del Mar High School Tuesday, at the simulated scene of a triple fatality, two-vehicle collision. The staged scene was part of “Every 15 Minutes” program at CdM this week. More than 1,000 kids watched the car crash demonstration. “This is what could happen ...
Posted On 04 Apr 2014

Communities: A Tropical Trip to Sherman Library & Gardens

Motorists driving past Sherman Library & Gardens in Corona del Mar may not realize that a two-acre garden oasis awaits on the other side of the walls. Opened in 1966, Sherman Library & Gardens has quietly grown to become a tourist magnet for the area, with nearly 50,000 visitors...

Stepping Out

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Curtain Up: Celtic Woman Dazzles in Emerald Tour

Much as the murky morning marine layer here in Newport gives way to brilliant light and sun-kissed azure seas, Celtic music unveils the faceted moods of a well-weathered life, reveling in an undaunted spirit shining bright with hope. Inspirational and evocative, Ireland’s lilting...

Off the Menu: New Restaurants and Secret Spots

By Christopher Trela and Catherine Del Casale | NB Indy Welcome to Provenance It’s official—Provenance Restaurant is now open! Chef Cathy Pavlos, whose Lucca restaurant in Irvine has garnered well-deserved acclaim, opened Provenance in Eastbluff Village Center on March 25, in the...

Eat & Drink

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OCC Flagship Rounds a Southern Milestone

Ahoy! There is one part of the seven seas that is especially not for the faint hearted, and few sailors have attempted to sail these waters that are known as the most dangerous and roughest in the world.  It is a huge challenge for sailors, but presently a sailboat from Newport...

Boaters’ Weather

Ahoy! As the small weather system leaves the Southland, the cold air temperatures continue though the weekend.  We will have daytime air temperatures in the low to mid-60s with the nights dipping to the low 50s. The mostly sunny skies allow the heat to escape in outer space,...

Served Your Country? NB Lifeguards Don’t Want You!

An internal battle has erupted within the Newport Beach Lifeguard ranks between the Management and the Part-Timers, but this time, it’s not about what you may think. Instead I want to help expose the Newport Beach Full Time Lifeguards not welcoming Military veterans back to the...
Posted On 10 Jun 2011
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‘An Evening for Autism’ Gives Hope to Families

This Saturday evening I will have the great privilege to be the official media host for “An Evening for Autism,” a charity event being held at the exquisite Belcourt residence of businessman and philanthropist Barry Saywitz. Saywitz, who has hosted the event at his home for the...
Posted On 10 Jun 2011

Look Kids! Redistricting!

After weeks and weeks of continuing Newport Beach Lifeguard fun, I’m going to bring this column back down to where it belongs…mired in obscure political machinations. But if you are a political junkie like me, this topic will excite you to no end because of its wondrous...
Posted On 07 Jun 2011
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