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Reaching Out

In an era when people are plugged in technologically but increasingly disconnected relationally, it is it is important to find a sense of community. Community Church Congregational in Corona del...

Sit Down, Green Fat Lady

Green and sustainable thinking and action is not dead. I constantly get asked about global warming or climate change.  Honestly, I do not think about it much.  Other than to recognize that...

Candlelight Concert Raises $1M for Arts Center

The Orange County Performing Arts Center’s 37th Annual Candlelight Concert raised more than $1 million to support the Center’s artistic and education programs. The gala in Segerstrom Hall starred...

Stepping Out

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Honor Roll of Back-to-School Books

  The perfect way to celebrate your child’s new school year, or ease back-to-school jitters is with a great book.  Even if you don’t have a child returning to school next week, you may have a niece, or nephew, grandchild or godchild who will be. Don’t forget to sign and date...

Italy Comes to Newport at Barone Ristorante

  Barone Ristorante opened only six months ago, but it’s already become known as one of the finer Italian restaurants in Newport Beach. Last fall, Chef Franco Barone – longtime executive chef at Antonello – decided it was time to open his own restaurant. He took over the...

Eat & Drink

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